So Justin Timberlake’s first film goes straight to DVD after two years on the shelf. It’s hardly a surprising move, though, given this is a supposedly shocking police corruption thriller which shocks for all the wrong reasons – the biggest “What the hell were they thinking?” coming from the fact that somebody thought casting JT next to heavyweights Kevin Spacey and Morgan Freeman would make him look good. Beside them, he’s as flimsy as a Kleenex, playing a young journo investigating two cops who murdered a drug dealer.

Writer/director David J Burke might have been aiming for LA Confidential but ends up enlisting every corruption cliché under the sun, never managing to twist his hackneyed plot into anything resembling originality. Edison’s one redeeming feature is LL Cool J as a guilt-ridden cop: even during the final (and flippin’ ludicrous) shoot-out, he’s as classy as Timberlake is out of his depth.


Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: January 22nd 2007

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