In attempting to replicate the success of Jerry Maguire by replaying its Life Lessons-learned set-up, Cameron Crowe hit a rare bum note. Elizabethtown met with the worst reviews of Crowe’s career, critics being unimpressed with his fable of shoe-designer Drew (Orlando Bloom) learning Life Lessons after his career crumbles, his father dies and ditzy flight attendant Claire (Kirsten Dunst) makes him some mix-CDs.

The meandering script aims for kooky charm, but Bloom struggles as a romantic lead, while the closing ashes-scattering is interminable. An excellent soundtrack is par for the course for Crowe, but the worrying lack of awareness on show isn’t – Susan Sarandon’s dignity being decimated while doing a tap-dance.


Cameron is a passionate filmmaker, but here his heart rules over his head. Please let it be a one-flop failure.

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