Evan Almighty


“This is a green movie,” says director Tom Shadyac. “We left virtually no trace…” As well as leaving the environment unmolested (2,000 trees were planted, everyone was bought a bicycle, we learn), the Carrey-free side-sequel to Bruce Almighty did only minor damage at the box office (at least, not enough to offset its reported record-busting cost). Don’t expect a turkey – it’s not that bad – but do expect zoo animals to outnumber big laughs by 10 to one. Stepping up from supporting stooge in Bruce, Steve Carell trades congressman suit for robe, beard and sandals as a latter-day Noah coaxed by the Almighty (Morgan Freeman) to build an Ark before a (mildly impressive) Great Flood hits. It’s as inoffensive as a Sunday School picnic, but a film teaming the comic talents of Carell, Wanda Sykes, Jonah Hill and Molly Shannon really should have set its sights higher than thumb-hammering montages and birdshit humour.


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