Fahrenheit 9/11


After Bowling For Columbine, ursine agitator Michael Moore goes Gunning For Bush in the must-see flick of 2004. It's bold, broad and occasionally brilliant (check out the sound-only Twin Towers attack), but America's Oaf Savant doesn't score a direct hit.

Where Columbine's sprawling, episodic narrative served the intractable nature of the USA's gun culture, here the writer/director's attention-deficient eye wanders down blind alleys (homeland security, Al Gore's defeat) when it should focus on Iraq. It's in that cluster-bombed country that Fahrenheit really burns, nowhere more so than in the immensely powerful footage of charred children and grieving mothers. The rest of the picture lacks this impact, changing an Iraqi tragedy into an American one in its determination to undo Dubya.


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