Failure To Launch


He dangles by his fingertips from a cliff-face, pelts down mountains on a pushbike and cuts through the ocean on the back of a dolphin – all this, plus a Dulux-bright grin and a solid creosote tan. With all that going for him, does it really matter that handsome, 35-year-old Tripp (Matthew McConaughey) still lives with his folks? Yes, apparently, because his parents have had enough of him, and hiring professional temptress Sarah Jessica Parker to lure him out of the family nest is their only option. However, he soon proves that he’s more than a match for her wily schemes...

The saddest thing about this predictable but occasionally amusing farce is that the two leads are so mismatched, McConaughey’s unsubtle flexing and posing being completely outclassed by SJP’s sparkling vixen. Its Making Of is the usual fare, cast and crew doing their best to convince you not only that this far-fetched fairytale could actually happen, but that everyone adored bringing it to the screen.


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