Family Guy: Season 4


How many shows can slap a featurette called World Domination on their DVD and mean it? But then how many shows have been vilified, torn off air and then dragged back by public demand? Showcasing a normal family (with a talking dog and a sociopathic toddler), Seth MacFarlane's creation creeps further into surrealism in season four, where dad Peter's flashbacks and daydreams don't so much touch a nerve as put 10,000 volts through it.

Disposing of corpses, planting drugs, shoplifting, wife-beating - so much that should piss off so many is moulded into the funniest damn show on TV. Even the hammy commentaries from cast and crew are scalpel sharp. If there was another star in Lounge's locker, this screwed-up bunch would have it.

BEST BIT Best way to convince Congress to declare war on Iraq? "Anyone who doesn't want to go to war is gay!"


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