Female Agents


Women make war, not love in thriller

Behind that thumpingly literal title (what would they’ve called Reservoir Dogs? Bank Thieves In Jackets?) lies a pulpy but heartfelt tribute to the, uh, female agents
of the French Resistance.

It takes wing as a kind of Dainty Dozen, as sniper Sophie Marceau mobilises an equally photogenic team of hookers, showgirls and explosives experts for a rescue mission behind SS lines.

Comparisons with the authenticity of Army In The Shadows leave Jean-Paul Salome’s picture looking rose-coloured, but the polished lensing, charged action beats (night-time shoot-out; hospital break-out; train station showdown) and dash of old fashioned glamour make it a sturdy sister piece to Black Book.

Casting aside a few improbables that short-cut the plot from A to D-Day, the iffiest aspect is the torture – after scenes troubled by the taint of exploitation, one arc ends in crucifixion symbolism that’s as clunky as the title.

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