Final Destination 2


Xeroxing its teen-slasher predecessor’s neato twist – our killer du jour isn’t a hockey-masked psycho but Death itself – the faintly dull Final Destination 2 again opens with a group of kids narrowly avoiding death in a spectacular crash. This time it’s a highway pile-up, Kimberly’s (AJ Cook) precognition saving a group of random motorists from a rubber-squealin’ demise... until Mr Reaper stalks the survivors with his slashing scythe.

This workmanlike horror strenuously strives to out-trick the original’s quite-tricksy-enough impending-doom set-ups, playing complex games of Mousetrap with fire-escape ladders, lift doors and rogue air bags. Has its moments, but too often goes for the cheap laugh over anything – and everything – else.


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