Freeze Frame


For such a seemingly decent bloke, livewire comedian Lee Evans makes a compellingly spooky lead in this debut feature from John Simpson. Accused and almost jailed for a series of brutal murders, Sean Veil (Evans) now lives in virtual seclusion and films his every move just to make sure there's not another case of mistaken identity. But when the police turn up a young girl's body, the one tape that can prove his innocence goes missing. The staging is impressive - - a Brazil-like mish mash of high-tech and crumbling urban desolation to match the mix of high-definition video and scratchy CCTV footage - - but it's not long before Simpson's inexperience begins to show. As the conspiracy threads unravel, he pushes the characters (including Ian McNeice as a sleazy police profiler) way too hard and the whole thing starts thrashing around like a cheap cartoon.

Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: January 24th 2005

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