Nutmegging starry-eyed clips of great players in action, this brilliant, bittersweet trio of films about Brazilian football is all about the human cost of a nation's obsession. The first follows Rio lads struggling to make it as footballers and while stories of playing soccer in slums, using bunched-up socks instead of a ball, are cliché fodder, there's an edge here. Failure isn't just the death of an idle dream for these guys - not making it pro condemns most to a future spent dodging bullets and drug dealers en route to an early death.

The second and third films are only marginally more cheery - dealing respectively with the lives of the few footballers who make it and what happens to even the greatest stars when their careers are over. Interviews with Pelé, Dadá et al frame the docs (and fill out a bonus disc), but this couldn't be further from the shallow celluloid hagiography most football DVDs deliver.


Film Details

  • PG
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: May 22nd 2006

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