Gardens Of Stone


The title of Francis Ford Coppola's military drama is the nickname for Arlington National Cemetery, the US military's graveyard for fallen soldiers. It's this boneyard that acts as the scene for a battle of ideals between gung-ho new recruit DB Sweeney and grizzled veteran James Caan.

The former just wants to get to 'Nam and kick Charlie's butt, the latter's seen enough bodybags for a lifetime. When Sweeney's winsome school sweetheart Mary Stuart Masterson arrives, you know it's going to end in tears...

Coming in Coppola's wobbly mid-80s period (which is, er, ongoing), this is well-meaning but familiar stuff, featuring voiceover from letters home, revisionist politics and a great '60s soundtrack. It's also a cautious movie, more from the head than the heart, and makes you pine for the rumble in the jungle that is Apocalypse Now.

Film Details

  • tbc
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: October 1st 2002

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