Green Street


Throwing alpha-geezer aggro and angst over a classical chasis, Lexi Alexander's flick mixes vicious flashes of authenticity with dopey cliché but scores a heartfelt, ragged wallop that rattles through your skull.

Hobbit-gone-hardcore Elijah Wood holds his own as the milquetoast Harvard student stumbling into West Ham's hooligan firm, but it's the thrilling teeth-on-tarmac street brawls that give Green Street a red-raw adreno-spike, lensed with breathless energy by Alexander. Designer violence? Hardly. Doped up on the taste of beer, blood and burnt nerves, our hooligans (all loving dads, wounded lads and numbed wage-slaves) rage against emasculating social anaemia. Closing as a (literally) striking cautionary tale, Alexander's movie dares to amp-up the primal fizz before dousing it with devastating fall-out.



Film Details

  • 18
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: December 26th 2005

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