Green Wing: Series One


From the brains behind all-girl comedy troupe Smack The Pony comes this wickedly twisted sitcom-sketch-show hybrid. With trance-like music and hyper-fast flashes connecting the plethora of bizarre events, this hospital-based clowning around makes US counterpart Scrubs look heavily sedated. Rapid-fire in its delivery, Green Wing has a high dosage of enchantment factor, with the outlandish mix of characters and incidents shocking and amusing in equal measures. Most prominent is the emergence of Stephen Mangan (the Lothario assistant anaesthetist) and Michelle Gomez (the loony toon "Staff Relations Counsellor") as outstanding Brit TV comedy actors.


BEST BIT Any scene involving Spaced's tortured artist Mark Heap, as the uptight, stuttering and sexually warped Dr Alan Statham.

Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: April 3rd 2006

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