Green Wing: The Special


So farewell sex-potty Scottish HR woman, half-Swiss surgeon who sleeps with mother and an annoying Brian from Spaced with his squeaky, squeaky voice... Green Wing bowed out for good with January’s hour-and-a-half special, the Ritalin-addled sitcom, seemingly dreamt up on lazy days in Hoxton Square, wrapping up the deaths, weddings and oddities that garnered its two series with BAFTA-noms aplenty. As befitting the show – fast cuts, extended gags, not nearly as consistent as hospital laugh rival Scrubs – the special hits and then misses, hits and then misses some more. There’s too much Dr Statham (Mark Heap) and not enough Sue White (Michelle Gomez), but for fans, it’s a near essential wrap-up to a much-loved Brit-com madhouse.


Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: January 8th 2007

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