Guy X


Jason Biggs goes from American Pie to American GI in this 1979-set comedy-drama, which sees him mistakenly posted to an Arctic military base. There, he encounters insanity, passion and one of the US Army's best-kept (but, alas, least interesting) secrets.

Loaded with atmosphere, ambition and mystery but disappointingly ill-equipped in action, narrative focus and rewarding pay-offs, Brit director Saul Metzstein's quirky look at army life fails to conscript the all-important X-factor that elevates a good movie into a great one of M*A*S*H proportions. Fortunately, the assignment of a flag-flying cast led by the immensely watchable Biggs, a bearded'n'bonkers Jeremy Northam and thinking-man's-crumpet Natascha McElhone gives Guy X the ammunition it needs to keep viewers happily sitting-to-attention.



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