Rob Zombie’s remake of the most sacred of slashers might have rocked the box office, but it fundamentally fails to grasp what made its classic template tick. This heavy-handed do-over tacks on a back-story full of misplaced sympathy for maniac Michael Myers; a crappy childhood’s no excuse for murder, Mr Zombie! Fifteen years and one steroidal growth spurt later, it reverts to a stab-for-stab retread of John Carpenter’s original vision – efficient but redundant.


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    • baileygiannini

      Mar 20th 2014, 19:15


      (FILM FANS' ENTERTAINMENT) The problem with remakes today is that they don't live up to the original. This film is okay. The direction was good. You could follow the story. The acting was over the top. The effects were bad. There was way to much blood and gore shown. It's a bloody mess. It's a very bad and very over done version of the (1978) masterpiece that John Carpenter and Debra Hill created. I mean, it's not that I'm against Halloween (2007) or anything like that. But it's just not as good. The cast was okay. There was really no one that big in it. Except for Malcolm McCDowell. Scout Taylor Compton, she annoyed the c**p out of me with her screaming. It was very over the top, it was un-believe able. The one thing horror movies need, is believe ability. Trust me in this horror film, there is none. It's a film that should be seen by adults and teenagers. Younger teens in particular 13-15 year olds should have a parent watching the movie with them. If you're in the age range of 17-20 however, that is a different story, see it by yourself. But remember, you're just wasting money. The acting is only reason why I gave it 3 stars out of 5.

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