Halloween: Resurrection


Also known as Halloween 8, with the legacy of John Carpenter's serial-killer masterpiece now having about as much integrity as a bloke selling knock-off DVDs at a car-boot sale. Taking the basic stalk 'n' slash formula we've all come to know and yawn at, Halloween: Resurrection uploads Michael Myers to the internet age, turning the killer's old family home into the site of a live webcast.

If you have any sense, press `delete' on this travesty - that way, you'll avoid seeing rapper Busta Rhymes going toe-to-toe with Mikey, and save yourself the bore of seeing the cast (who all look like regulars from Dawson's Creek) screaming their tits off for no good reason. Depressingly, it was enough of a dough-catcher in the US to make Halloween 9 a foregone conclusion. American audiences clearly have a lot to answer for.

Film Details

  • tbc
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: May 1st 2003

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