There aren't many dopier, trippier pop films than Bob Rafelson's Monkees movie, co-scripted with Jack Nicholson and starring LA's teenybopper, TV-centred answer to The Beatles. The band were on the decline when it was made, and the young audience who followed their series weren't going to be down with Head's knowing tale of how a manufactured pop band are manipulated and betrayed.

Set to all manner of '60s psychedelic silliness, it's as dated as a pair of Austin Powers' trousers. But there's plenty of sly, subversive stuff for those who care to look for it, from political footage through to acid-hued satires on revered movie genres. Picture how paisley wallpaper looks on a good trip, only with songs you can sing along to, and you'll get its measure. It's bubblegum you really can chew on.

Film Details

  • tbc
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: September 1st 2004

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