Hide And Seek


Five words you never thought you'd read: good grief, bring back Godsend. Like Nick Hamm's Sixth Sense wannabe, John Polson's atrocious thriller is both anaemic and turgid, yet manages (somehow) to be even more moronic - - an almighty waste of everyone's time, though primarily yours. Robert De Niro's psychiatrist moves himself and daughter Dakota Fanning to a spooky house in the country in a B-movie bid to get over the suicide of Mrs De Niro (Amy Irving). Fanning develops an imaginary friend who takes offence (in order) at the décor, the cat and Elizabeth Shue's hair, culminating in a shitty twist shocking only for the fact that anyone dared film it. A career nadir for De Niro, and yes, that includes Rocky And Bleedin' Bullwinkle.

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