Highlander Immortal Edition


Heard the one about the 450-year-old French Scotsman (Christopher Lambert) who’s tutored by a Scots Spaniard (Sean Connery) as he bids to become a master swordsman so he can behead a growling American Russian (Clancy Brown) to win omniscience? Sure you have. Highlander may have flopped in the theatres but it built up a rabid fanbase on VHS, ensuring its own immortality. Watched now, the riotous mix of Russell Mulcahy’s MTV visuals (“What can I say? I was in my music video days”), quotable zingers (“Happy Hallowe’en, ladies”) and old-as-the-Scottish-hills myth (the hero’s journey) invokes both heart-booming glee, mild nausea and, for viewers of a certain age, warm nostalgia.


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