Hippies The Complete Series


After co-scribing Father Ted and the first series of Big Train with Graham Linehan, Arthur Mathews went solo to pen this sixpart sitcom set at the arse-end of the ’60s. Simon Pegg, Sally Phillips and Julian Rhind-Tutt share top billing as idiotic idealists who go on protests, attend happenings and crank out a would-be outrageous Oz-style newsletter. Pegg works tirelessly to find the funny and Rhind-Tutt is perfectly cast as a poetry-reading toff, but Phillips’ character is underwritten and Darren Boyd’s Hugo is just Father Dougal again. The mix of satirical and surreal never gels, leaving you with a pale imitation of The Young Ones. No wonder Matthews can’t muster much enthusiasm on the chat-tracks...


Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: March 10th 2008

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