Hope Springs


Limply adapted from a novel by The Graduate author Charles Webb, Hope Springs has all sorts of fun visually referencing its famous cinematic forebear. Thing is, opening on an airport travelator and framing the lead behind his lover's leg comes with a price: it reminds how this would-be sex comedy never comes close to emulating The Graduate's charm or comic touch.

Mark Herman's formulaic rom-com is also miscast: Colin Firth looks like a poor man's Hugh Grant as he tackles the role of a lovelorn artist escaping an unhappy engagement; Heather Graham creaks alarmingly as the selfless careworker helping him through his heartache; and Mary Steenburgen... Well, whoever cast her as a slutty landlady probably thinks Mother Teresa was a 10p hooker. Still, Minnie Driver convinces as Firth's evil ex.

Film Details

  • 12A
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: March 1st 2004

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