Hot Tub Time Machine


The broadest, bawdiest bath-com in history…

It must be some kinda… hot tub time machine.” Not since Snakes On A Plane has a movie’s title promised such unabashed stupidity. And amazingly, Hot Tub Time Machine pretty much lives up to it.

Riding The Hangover’s slipstream, it plonks three thirtysomething friends (self-destructive Rob Corddry, jilted husband Craig Robinson and recently dumped John Cusack) in a time-jumping jacuzzi and returns them to the epic ski weekend when they came of age two decades earlier.

Mini-roles for Marty McFly’s dad Crispin Glover and Chevy Chase are the wittiest of the countless ’80s references (Sixteen Candles, Revenge Of The Nerds, Better Off Dead) and retro kicks (big hair, neon fashion, no iPhones).

But, this being a noughties movie, the real gags come via crap fighting, angry sex and multiple bodily fluids.

Cusack is cruising here, but luckily Corddry proves a memorable maniac, while a deadpan Robinson (best known for The Office US) burns up the crowd with Black Eyed Peas covers and Sex Drive’s geek-dude Clark Duke (Cusack’s along-for-the-ride nephew) punches his weight with the grown-ups.

OK, there’s nothing too radical here, the frantic tone can feel forced and for every gag that scores there’s a cliché or cheap shot. But park your expectations in the shallow end and Hot Tub Time Machine will slap a few guilty smirks on your face.

The biggest fart bubble is the extras – 10 minutes of disposable deleted scenes.

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