The lack of a crime-fighting ethic was always going to make the Hulk's tale a little tricky. Spider-Man and Daredevil have evil-genius foils. The Hulk is just a genetic freak with temper issues.

Ang Lee does a decent job of covering all the bases, pleasing the Marvel nerds with a striking, CGI non-jolly green giant and weaving in a little pop psychology for the grown-ups. It's the flaky plot that niggles: Hulk goes green, gets mad, runs away, military give chase. The End.

Bana is suitably geeky, Connelly is the lady scientist with the soft stare and Nolte - - as prototype Hulk/mad dad - - is all gruff mumbles. Speak up, man.

Film Details

  • tbc
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: December 1st 2003

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