Ice Age 2: The Meltdown


It’s a sure sign you’re watching a movie made by people who understand the way kids’ minds work when one of its DVD extras gives you the option to watch a scene with a soundtrack of farts and belches. Thankfully, the film itself isn’t as juvenile. Blue Sky Studios’ second prehistoric chiller manages what the first Ice Age pulled off so well: an easy mixture of goofy slapstick for the young ‘uns and sass for the rest of us, as the original cast return to trek to safety when a thaw threatens a Biblical flood.

There’s the occasional glob of syrup (the mammoth romance) and too many hyper co-stars (the Jackass-inspired possums) but they’re counterbalanced by colourful visuals and any scene containing the iconic, hurry-up-and-give-him-his-own-movie Scrat – who also appears in the hysterical cartoon No Time For Nuts.


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