Infernal Affairs


You don't see this too often - - a Hong Kong crime-thriller where hard-boiled pathos rules over speedball bullet-blasting. If co-director Andrew Lau's attempt to fuse the existential solipsism of Wong Kar-Wai with the sweaty intensity of Ringo Lam doesn't always hit the target, his dark drama makes a striking change from the kinetic techno-blasters of John Woo and the Pang brothers.

Playing out against the eroding concrete hell of urban Hong Kong, Infernal Affairs sees two deep-cover moles - Tony Leung's narc in the Triads and Andy Lau's Triad in the police - hunting each other down while their true identities slowly dissolve. Foggy plotting and some loose mythic musings bleed away some of its impact, but Affairs gets dynamite drive from its lead men, Lau's stencilled features as expressive as Leung's doleful charisma in this crisis of blurred morality and mirrored oblivion. Should certainly give Martin Scorsese plenty to ponder when he remakes it...

Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: July 1st 2004

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