Inside I'm Dancing


""Shout if you're alive!"" screams obnoxious paraplegic Rory (James McAvoy) as he rolls into a listless care home. His battle cry is met with glazed eyes and slack jaws (and that's just the nurses), but one resident takes up his call to arms - - even if a severe case of cerebral palsy renders Michael's (Steven Robertson) response more of a mumble than a shout. A series of whistle-stop jaunts ensue, Michael's taste of the outside world (booze, clubs, girls) spurring him to give independent-living a whirl. Inspiring yet irreverent, touching yet tough, Damien O'Donnell's follow-up to East Is East nimbly slaloms sentiment by being a buddy movie first and a disability movie second. Okay, so it's visually flat, more TV drama than cinematic feature, but the spiky script and spirited performances pull it through. Recommended.

Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: June 1st 2005

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