It Happened Here


July, 1940. The British are beating a hasty retreat from Dunkirk. What happens next? History tells of 'pluck', giving it all for the cause, cups of tea on Crusader tanks, the Battle Of Britain, D-Day. The End. Take Kevin Brownlow and Andrew Mollo's vision, though, and you have the Third Reich setting up camp in Blighty. Taking their cue from photos of the Parisian occupation (galleries of which are included here), Nazis cram into Tube carriages, signposts are German and local women fraternise with occupiers.

Live action is spliced with archive newsreel (also included as an extra) to create something that, with the muffled sound, is part-fascinating, part too-grainy-to-watch. Following nurse Pauline's (Pauline Murray) arrival in London, signing up to the state (ie fascist) health service, the real interest comes from the loony-fascist spurting actors and edgy sequences of actual blackshirts, originally cut for being too incendiary.

Best of all is the propaganda film within the film about "the world's two great nations... united in more than race". Taking the brief friendship of the World War One Christmas football match as deep-rooted camaraderie, it doesn't convince, but it would've unsettled in 1966. Now, It Happened Here serves as little more than a curio. Mainly because it never did...

Film Details

  • PG
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: January 23rd 2006

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