It's All About Love


A wistful sense of melancholy pervades Thomas Vinterberg's much-criticised, 2021-set follow-up to his Dogme film Festen. We're told right off the bat that the main character has seven days to live, lending a sure sadness to the tale of a divorcing couple (Joaquin Phoenix and Claire Danes) who realise they love each other in a world gone awry.

Sadly, much of the director's musing on modern life feels airily pretentious, while Sean Penn's accented cameo is a big no-no. But there's enough that's mournful and moving here to suck you in: the choral score, the winning Phoenix and Vinterberg's lush, luminous helming. A folly? Yes, but a fascinating one.

Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: July 22nd 2004

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