Jackass Number Two The Movie - Uncut


So you’re not sure whether Jackass 2 is for you, eh? Let’s try a few tests... Does the idea of a goofball trying to do BMX tricks while riding a Penny Farthing amuse you? It does? How about this: does the sentence “We have rectal bleeding! Another first for Jackass!” put you off? No? Then let’s push on to the final frontier – can you stomach the sight of men drinking horse semen without gagging? Oh, bye then! Don’t let the swing door hit you on the arse on the way out...

You’d have thought that after three seasons on TV and one full-length movie, Johnny, Bam and the rest of the gang would have run out of ways to crunch, smash, ouch and “Fuck! That hurt!” themselves into casualty... but you’d be very wrong. Because, thank God, Team Jackass are very wrong themselves, pushing their bodies to all-new lows until they’re battered, bruised and – in snake-phobic Bam’s case – weeping like girls. They may be crude, they may be repetitive, but if you can stomach it they’re also the most painfully hilarious thing to roll, blast and fart its way onto celluloid for years.


Enjoy it while it lasts, as the gang certainly don’t sound convinced they’re going to go through it again. But better to quit while they’re ahead, or at least alive, rather than churning out a weak third movie. So sit down, watch the whole disc and emerge raggedly exhausted from wincing and guffawing in equal measure. Like Bam, you might even cry a bit too.

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