Jean Cocteau Box Set


An artist, poet, playwright and novelist, Jean Cocteau also found the time to direct half a dozen films, most famously La Belle Et La Bête and Orphée. Contained in this mini, two-disc boxset are his first and last cinematic efforts.

Made in 1930, the avant-garde, trance-like Le Sang D’Un Poète dispenses with a conventional narrative, offering up instead a procession of surreal images (a mouth which appears in a man’s hand, a levitating girl, a statue springing to life) and such choice intertitles as “The desperate hermaphrodite meetings took place at room 23.”

The director’s farewell feature, however, 1960’s Le Testament D’Orphée, is for all its wonderful, magical flourishes a frustratingly self-indulgent affair: aspiring to reveal his “naked soul”, Cocteau himself, in the guise of a 17th-century poet, travels across time to encounter his very own fictional creations from previous works.


Film Details

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  • UK Theatrical Release Date: April 30th 2007

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