John Mills Box Set


A variable choice of odds and sods from Sir John’s 70-year career – what, No Ice Cold In Alex? – seemingly selected to showcase his talent for accents rather than acting. The Gentle Gunman (top o’ the morning Oirish) is a tedious IRA thriller, co-starring Dirk Bogarde. In unfunny seafaring farce The Baby And The Battleship (patronising Cockney) Mills plays a sailor charged with the care of an infant – shame he’s outshone by Richard Attenborough. Meanwhile, The Family Way (broad Yorkshire) is a solid, if sanitised, stab at ’60s social realism. But it’s only as the Blitz spirit-infused music teacher in It’s Great To Be Young that we see what made Mills so enduringly popular. As innocent and nostalgic as threepence worth of lemon sherbets, it’ll make you yearn for a pre- ASBO England when kids didn’t mug you on the bus, women wore proper dresses and men were… well, John Mills.


Film Details

  • 12
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: October 1st 2007

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