Judex Nuits Rouges


Twice over in this set, maverick director Georges Franju pays loving homage to his silent-era predecessor Louis Feuillade – the maker of early 20th Century crime serials. Judex, a remake of Feuillade’s 1916 movie, stars magician Channing Pollock (fine conjuror, crap actor) as a self-appointed vigilante and features some dazzlingly surrealist imagery. Nuits Rouges, in similar penny-dreadful vein, is a looser tribute in every sense: boiled down from a TV series, it suffers gaping plot holes. Includes a 40- page booklet plus interviews with the writer of both, Jacques Champreux.

Film Details

  • PG
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: August 25th 2008

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