Just Go With It


Sandler and Aniston do their best with a shaky script in this lacklustre remake

Just Go With It review

Between The Longest Yard and Mr Deeds, Adam Sandler’s remake record is hardly spotless. 

But this take on 1969 Walter Matthau comedy Cactus Flower is breezy enough, even if the gags flow at a decidedly uneven rate. 

Sandler plays a plastic surgeon who bribes his assistant (Jennifer Aniston) to accompany him to Hawaii in an elaborate bid to seal the deal with his hot new girlfriend. 

From the Sting-led soundtrack to the gratuitous set-pieces (check out the hula-off between Aniston and a short-changed Nicole Kidman), this is as airily forgettable as Sandler’s other recent vacation-com, Grown Ups.

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