Just Like Heaven


So, Mark Ruffalo moves into a new flat, has a couple of beers to numb the pain left by his wife's death and then, "Boo!" Reese Witherspoon pops up, utterly unaware that her body is elsewhere, in a coma. Being the sort of man who one suspects prefers brunettes, Ruffers can't stand this bossy blonde. But this is romcom heaven, where despite the limitations of romancing spirits, the pair fall in love... with ho-hum consequences.


You shouldn't care about director Mark Waters' schmaltzy tale and indeed you probably wouldn't were it not for perma-cute Reese and matey Mark: the sort of effervescent/stoner pairing deserving of something a little less Ghost-lite. On the enthusiastic chat-track, Waters states the obvious ("The secret's out that Mark Ruffalo's awesome") before musing about death and saying a polite cheerio. Shame he didn't run with the disc's alternate ending, though. It would've been a hilarious screw-you to the average lifelessness of what went before...

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