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Kaboom review

Thor! What is he good for? Uh… stripping down to his tighty whities?

That’s what the Marvel-monikered surfer dude (Chris Zylka) gets up to in Gregg Araki’s bonkers genre blender.

Thomas Dekker’s sexually “undeclared” student encounters masked psychos and lesbian witches amid a torrent of horny conquests as his mystery past comes a-knocking.

Diablo Cody fans will dig the teenspeak, but as it screeches toward a berserk blow-out of a finale, Kaboom becomes more WTF? than genuinely wicked.

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    • chaosdefined

      Sep 28th 2011, 14:49


      Starts interestingly, soon descends into the biggest pile of s**t I've seen in a while. I've no idea at what point the film goes from being about sexuality and fate, but it soon involves lesbian witches, end of the world cults and teens with psychic powers. And that ending...what the hell?!

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