Kangaroo Jack


A Jerry Bruckheimer kangaroo kiddie-flick? Somehow it looks even worse than it sounds, with Jerry O'Connell and Anthony Anderson proving the most aggravating bickering-buddy act in cinema history as they chase after an irksome CG 'roo. We'd tell you why if it was worth it.

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    • FBFGoins

      Feb 18th 2012, 0:38

      Why is everyone hating on Kangaroo Jack just because its silly. First, its a movie about kangaroos its suppose to be funny. Second, sure it has random scenes and random add-ins but nonetheless it'll always bring a smile in your face what so ever. Third, it was released in 2003, do you know how tough it is to get views for the movies back then? But all-in-all, I was a kid when i saw this and without a doubt a hilariously funny must see. Plus a sick soundtrack

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