King Kong Box Set (Classic 4 DVD Collection)


We all know the original 1933 version is still a beauty but this poxy 'Box Set' is a bit of a beast - particularly when compared to the embarrassment of goodies on the Region 1 edition. Brits get the original (hence the five stars, but already available on DVD), a pointless colourised version and a couple of claggy exploitation flicks (King Kong Vs Godzilla and King Kong Escapes). They've also thrown in a dreadful doc that feels like it was made in 1975, which has a wonderfully comic voiceover from a phlegmy old man who e-NUNC-iates all the wrong sylla-BULLS.

Over in the US, the concept of a commemorative cash-in is a little more substantial: commentary track from stop-motion maestro Ray Harryhausen; a gigantic, multi-part Making Of documentary; deleted scenes; test footage; Harryhausen's underrated 1949 version of the other great-ape movie, Mighty Joe Young... Clearly, this isn't fair. Lounge's advice? Don't play the game. Rediscover the 1933 version by picking up the Special Edition. The one currently on for £7.99...


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