Knight And Day


Cruise goes for the funny bone in this surprising action caper

Knight and Day review

“With me. Without me. With me. Without me.” If Knight And Day is about anything – if only – it’s about Tom Cruise.

He turned down the role of Salt to play an almost identical one here. Why? There’s one big difference.

Potentially insane super-spy Roy is funny. Really funny.

With Cruise pulling a hugely enjoyable pastiche of himself, KAD zigzags forward with pace, punch and even a little heart – though there’s a second-half dip where love interest Cameron Diaz has to hold the fort.

Clearly, we’re better off with him.

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    • mikey2127

      Jan 16th 2011, 19:51


      A nice surprise. When i saw the trailer i was dubious to say the least. First it was cruise and Diaz again, vanilla sky anyone ? , secondly there was a charge of bulls and thirdly the with me , without me gag seemed too rehearsed as if cruise has been saying it to people all of his life. im a sucker for punishment so i rented it. Im glad i did, alot of fun, easy to watch after a hard day at work. the story wasnt any surprise but Diaz and Cruise worked well together and there were moments when i actually laughed out loud, especially when cruise says when leaving with Diaz from the coffee shop " : Nobody follow us or I kill myself and then her! ", classic line

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