Lake Placid 3


Only a knowing sense of humour save this B-movie from the jaws of despair

Lake Placid 3 review

Gratuitous nudity and an eyebrow-raising turn from B-movie vet Michael Ironside brighten up this otherwise forgettable creature feature, in which various archetypes (sexy teens, grizzled cop, worthy scientist) are menaced by giant CG crocodiles that seem to have escaped from a Tomb Raider videogame circa 1996.

As far as aquatic horror goes, it’s not half as bonkers as Piranha 3D and its severed todgers, but there is fun to be had with Yancy Butler’s bug-eyed poacher and the dialogue is delivered with a nudge and a wink – which is surely to be expected from a movie flaunting the tagline “Don’t forget you’re lunch!”

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