Les Vacances De M. Hulot


Great French mime Jacques Tati's 1953 film marked the arrival of M Hulot, the on-screen alter-ego he would play in four further features. A ""real gentleman"" and blithe trouble-magnet, his trip to the seaside unwittingly prompts a soft-slapstick symphony of music-hall mischief involving hats, boats, towels, tennis rackets, funeral wreaths, stiff winds, loose moustaches and more.

Granted, the film is all incident and no plot, but Tati's lightness of touch and timing lends its comedy a genuine sense of musicality. And it's not all technique: you warm to the noble-innocent Hulot's utter unflappability in the thick of chaos. The BFI are also releasing Tati's Mon Oncle, Playtimeand Jour De Fete.

Film Details

  • tbc
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: January 1st 2005

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