Life On Mars: Series Two


“You are surrounded by armed bastards!” The dulcet tones of Philip Glenister’s legendary DCI Gene Hunt there, soon to be starring in his own Life On Mars spin-off, Ashes To Ashes, and without a doubt the best thing about this nostalgic BBC cop show. Not that co-star John Simm doesn’t strut through the ‘70s with all the aplomb of an actor who knows he’s found the role of a lifetime: as his Detective Sam Tyler finally discovers why he’s been stranded in 1973 and what’s going on with that 21st century body of his. If possible, series two improves on last year’s show, making it pure culture-clash genius. 

BEST BIT Episode five’s opening: kids’ classic Camberwick Green. With added violence.


Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: April 16th 2007

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