Little Britain - Series Two


Their gratingly quotable procession of village idiots have become roughly as popular as food. The second series sees Matt Lucas and David Walliams adhering to the old “If it ain’t broke...” formula like a flobbed-out wad of Vicky Pollard’s chewing gum to a passing teacher’s corduroys.

In lieu of real surprise, we get Royston Vasey-esque shocks: projectile vomiting and adult breastfeeding feature amid a gurning parade of celebs. Ultimately, though, these new ingredients don’t radically alter the flavour. Marjorie Dawes is still hilarious, Sebastian Love still isn’t.

BEST BIT: Marjorie burying Vanessa Feltz’s rictus grin under a glistening gobful of lungbutter is a deliriously unhinged moment.

Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: October 10th 2005

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