Lost Boys: The Thirst


Not much of a tribute to the original 80's vampire classic

Lost Boys: The Thirst review

“Truth, justice and the American way!” swore Corey Feldman’s fearless vampire hunter Edgar Frog back in 1987, although anyone who pays 20 quid for this threequel will find little of the above.

Shot in South Africa with a native-but-pretendingnot- to-be-cast, this DVD shop shelf-filler reunites the gruff Feldman with original Frog brother Jamison Newlander, then has them hunting drug-peddling blood-suckers at a “rave party” while satirising Twilight.

Somehow Daria Piana’s lifeless effort manages to pay tribute to the late Lost Boys star Corey Haim while disgracing one of his best movies, although anyone seeking comedy can enjoy Charisma Carpenter’s autocue-tastic featurette on sexy vampires.

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