Lost: Series One, Part Two



Interest flopped early on? Bit behind on the Channel 4 run and don't want to know what might happen? Look away, now...

We kick off with a nearly-bang: the Boone And Shannon Incest Show (although twitchy producers carefully make it clear that they're step-siblings). In one of the tiny Making Ofs, Maggie Grace reveals that she chewed up a lump of chopped garlic and onion and tongued it into Ian Somerhalder's gob - for a laugh, like. Nice.

But after such a scorcher, there's the one where Michael and Locke have a row. Bet you got the kettle on during that. And the knitting-friendly bit with Kate and the little plane. Further on, there's a strong lean-forward effect as Sayid and Shannon get smoochy, before things really sharpen up with the return of Claire and the Ethan incident. Although they do take plenty of time building up to the unexpected pop-shot, through an entire episode of Charlie's posh totty-stalking (with, crucially, no explanation of how he learned to be so lethal with a gun).

The raft burns, the raft is reborn. Locke knocks up a cot, Boone buys it... And then it's the "French chick" and The Others and the numbers and, of course, THE HATCH...

Removed from the initial hysteria, Part Two of Season One has the feel of a show that began as an edgy, semi-supernatural curiosity but, as it got wise to its own hype, became stodgy and smug. Where the first four or five episodes felt bold and visionary, a lot of 11-24 feels calculated and committee-driven. Although there's still a thrilling balance between Twin Peaks-style spooks and daytime-quality pretty-people soap, the producers frequently fluff the pacing. An episode that ends with an ASTOUNDING REVELATION is too often followed by half an hour of flaccid flashback, as 99 percent of the audience shriek at the telly: "Never mind how he met her and why and where the roots of his lack of self-esteem might lie. Get back to the ASTOUNDING REVELATION!" Honeymoon over, then. But when the show gets it right, it can still ping a note of darkness and self-examination rarely heard on American TV. And if you're already hooked, it's worth hanging on through the dull bits for the rough stuff Lounge can assure you is round the corner in Season Two. Down the hatch...

BEST BIT: French chick wanders into camp with gun. She squints wistfully into the middle distance. "The Others are coming..."

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  • 12
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: January 16th 2006

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