Lost: Series Two, Part One


There hasn't been a cliffhanger like the one at the end of Lost's first season since JR got plugged back in 1980. What was down the hatch? What did the Others want with Walt? And, more importantly, would Kate and Jack ever get it on? In true Lost style, however, the answers to these and a million other questions are unravelled oh-so-slowly in season two, which arrives on DVD with a whole disc dedicated to extras. The pace is so languid, in fact, that you can often nip out for a cuppa and return to find you've only missed a few smouldering looks.

But the show's still addictive; making you howl at the end of each episode as another clue is laid down or another castaway carks it. And the good news is that, despite the snail's pace, season two does shake things up a bit, most notably by introducing another batch of crash survivors. The bad news is that only one of them - Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje's mesmerising Mr Eko - is interesting. (Hands up anyone who likes Ana-Lucia! Anyone? Hello?)

With JJ Abrams making movies and co-creator Damon Lindelof now handling duties on the world's most famous island, it's a credit to his writing team the Lost bubble hasn't burst. How long they can keep it so good is anyone's guess, but until then, that horizon remains clear of rescue ships.

BEST BIT: Somebody dies. Sorry, no spoilers here...


Audio Commentaries On Selected Episodes; Lost Flashbacks - Exclusive Never-Before-Seen Flashbacks Lost On Location Featurette - Take An In-Depth Look Into The Making Of Seven Individual Episodes Of Lost Flashbacks And Mythology Featurette - Join The Creative Team Behind Lost As They Discuss The Plotlines And Storytelling Techniques That Go Into Each Episode Promo By David LaChapelle Deleted Scenes Photo Gallery And Even More Secrets From The Hatch...  

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  • UK Theatrical Release Date: July 17th 2006

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