Love + Hate


Pakistani teenager Naseema (Samina Awan) starts her new job in a rough Northern town and discovers love with white racist co-worker Adam (Tom Hudson). Can their romance blossom when Adam’s family are happily smashing up Asian-owned shops and Naseema’s overbearing brother (Wasim Zakir) preaches anti-white diatribes while secretly shagging the local Caucasian bike (Nichola Burley)?

Though the premise isn’t new (it grabs onto the coattails of Ken Loach’s Ae Fond Kiss, for instance), writer-director Dominic Savage brings a refreshing integrity to this tale of star-crossed lovers by encouraging improvisation from his talented cast of newcomers and instilling proceedings with a guileless sense of hope.


Film Details

  • 15
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: September 25th 2006

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