"It's nice to see a sexy hippo on screen because I don't think we've seen one for a while," deadpans Ben Stiller in Meet The Wild Cast, one of the gee-whiz-animation-is-great featurettes on this join-the-dots package - and yes, it is nice to see a sexy hippo (Jada Pinkett Smith). And a vain lion (Stiller). And a nervous giraffe (David Schwimmer). And a vibrant zebra (Chris Rock). For a while. These pampered animals from NYC Zoo are stranded on the titular island for japes and rediscovering their wild side. You can see why DreamWorks sparked to the high concept. And ankle-biters will love the vibrant digi-squiggles and mammalian buffoonery. And Sacha Baron Cohen as a dumb-ass lemur king who covers the irritating pop classic 'I Like To Move It'. It just gets a bit wearing eventually - and a bit annoying.


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