Maid In Manhattan


Imagine Pretty Woman without Julia Roberts and most of the laughs and you'll have the measure of this corny rom-com. Jennifer Lopez - - who takes 66 pieces of luggage for a weekend away, remember - - plays a maid who works in a swanky New York hotel to support her cute kid. One day, as she's trying on one of the guest's posh frocks, she's spotted by politician Ralph Fiennes who - thinking she's a fellow guest - falls for her.

Can you see where this is going? Wayne Wang's rom-com has a fairytale familiarity we've seen before, with only Bob Hoskins as J-Lo's boss offering anything remotely out of the ordinary. Films like this exist to make big bucks for studios, but unless there's more originality involved, you can't help feeling fingers will be burned - - and deservedly so.

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