Maniac Cop


""You have the right to remain silent... Forever!"" squawks the tagline of this creaky '80s horror flick, first of an amusing, trashy trilogy.

Penned by B-movie maestro Larry Cohen, it revolves around a series of murders in New York City, the killer's blue uniform leading to public cries of police brutality. Detective McCrae (Tom Atkins) then traces the killings back to former NYPD officer Matthew Cordell, jailed for mistreating perps, but there's a catch: Cordell's been dead for years...

Hands up, the zombie-cop-back-from-the-grave idea is more than a little ropey, but this disposable exploitation effort scores points for its unflinchingly downbeat take on the rottenness at the core of the Big Apple. Acting as judge, jury and executioner, the cadaverous copper has the whole Zero Tolerance concept bang to rights.

Film Details

  • tbc
  • UK Theatrical Release Date: July 1st 2004

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